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About Us

Joom Logistics — a new generation cross-border logistics company that pioneers in the tech-driven delivery management.
  • We are №1 logistics provider for the Joom marketplace offering competitive services
  • We deliver orders to 110+ countries
  • We have successfully delivered 200+ MILLIONS of parcels worldwide
  • We have our own sorting and fulfilment centers in China, Korea and Europe
  • We have parcel consolidation service
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What do we offer?

  • B2C worldwide shipment delivery from China, Korea and Europe
    B2C worldwide shipment delivery from China, Korea and Europe
  • Order fulfillment in China and Europe with the worldwide delivery
    Order fulfillment in China and Europe with the worldwide delivery
  • B2B shipment delivery to Europe and CIS
    B2B shipment delivery to Europe and CIS
    Coming soon

What are our advantages?

  • Immediate online pricing via apiImmediate online pricing via apiWe momentarily calculate all the logistics prices and send them to you via API
  • Instant label issuingInstant label issuingWe’ve set an easy and quick way to instantly issue labels online for our 100+ logistics channels
  • Standardized pick-up procedureStandardized pick-up procedureWe’ve established a unified standardized pick-up procedure for each parcel you want to deliver with us
  • Detailed online parcel trackingDetailed online parcel trackingWe provide you with an up-to-date extended list of checkpoints for a more precise parcel tracking
  • Non-delivery compensation for lost parcelsNon-delivery compensation for lost parcelsWe compensate all logistics and product costs in case your tracked parcel gets accidentally lost
  • English and chinese supportEnglish and chinese supportWe have a professional support team that is always ready to help you in both English and Chinese
  • We deliver products with various dangerous types to give you a wider range of goods you are able to ship
  • We offer competitive prices due to the big scale of our main business with Joom
  • We’ve built a reliable supply system for our clients from the parcel pick up to the last mile with various backup options
  • Based on your needs we offer the mean of transport that suits you most: ship, train, truck and aircraft

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