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Estimate shipping cost

  • Pay for the exact weight of the parcel
    We do not round up, if the parcel weights 128 grams you pay for 128 grams, not 200 or even 500. No extra charges for volumetric weight.
  • Get prices for each destination
    We deliver to the USA, Europe, CIS countries and many more
  • See estimated delivery time
    For different destinations and last mile carries
  • Calculate duties for parcels to Europe
  • Calculate prices for different tracking types
    NRM, RM
  • Compare prices of different protection types
    No protection, Standard protection, Extended protection

Compare channels and protect your parcels

  • Real-time rates from a network of carriers
    Find the best match by comparing prices
  • Three parcel protection options:
    No protection
    Standard protection
    Extended protection
    No protection for the parcel in case of loss
    Сompensation for the parcel delivery and its cost according to standard warranty rules
    Сompensation for the parcel delivery and its full cost in case of loss
  • The sum of all dimensions: up to 300 cm
  • Weight limits: up to 30 kg
depends on the last mile delivery option
Application UI screenshot
Application UI screenshot
Application UI screenshot
Application UI screenshot
Application UI screenshot

Create orders in any way convenient for you

  • Create orders manually
    Create orders one by one and test the logistics service
  • Upload CSV
    Upload orders in batch to avoid errors and duplication
  • Connect a store
    Synchronize with your store and automatically add orders
  • Integrate via API / ERP
    Get token for direct API integration or for your tools
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Enjoy seamless payment

  • Use the payment method that is convenient for you
    Bank transfer, PayPal (only for Japan), Payoneer, Shopify
  • Make payments in multiple currencies:
    • USD
    • HKD
    • EUR
    • CNY
  • The transaction history in real time
    No need to wait for the end of the month
  • The fastest support in any payment issues
    We are always here to help and answer any questions
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Application UI screenshot
Application UI screenshot

Get labels

  • Quickly and easily download of labels
    Download labels one by one or in batch
  • Detailed instructions
    How to stick labels to your parcels and arrange shipping
  • Labels customization settings
    Add additional information that meets your needs
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Track parcels and notify your customers

  • Special page for tracking parcels
    In multiple languages
  • Order delivery status and last checkpoint in Web App
    Be aware of where your parcel is now
  • Notification settings for customers
    Let them be aware of the delivery progress
  • Estimated delivery time
    Be aware when to expect parcel delivery
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Application UI screenshot
Application UI screenshot

Get support

Our multilingual support team is ready to resolve any issue you may have
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